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AP-Aeronautical Professionals Malta Ltd. (AP-Malta Ltd) is an EASA approved Continuous Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO), specializing in Continuous Airworthiness services for the business aviation sector. Having obtained our EASA Part M approval (MT.MG.04) on the basis of EU Regulation No. 1321/2014 in 2010, we are one of the first stand-alone providers of Airworthiness Management on the Maltese Islands. Having spent almost a decade in the business and closely collaborating with a number of Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Organisations on and outside the island (including M.C.M. Group), we have built our network of partners and trusted associates. We have high caliber engineers and inspectors with years of experience and relevant training to ensure that our clients receive the top level of service in compliance with the EASA legislation.

We, at AP-Aeronautical Professionals Malta Ltd., are committed to being the preferred and trusted partner to business aviation operators when it comes to Continuous Airworthiness services. We are responsible for planning and coordinating all maintenance activity, ensuring our customers’ aircraft or fleet airworthiness and smooth operation.

Our personal approach to our clients gives us the edge over our competitors.
Facility in Malta
We offer the below CAM Services:

-planning of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance activities

-development of maintenance programmes (MP);

-development of Minimal Equipment List (MEL);

-analysis and planning of the implementation of airworthiness directives and the continued; airworthiness instructions issued by any applicable competent authorities and certifying bodies;

-analysis and planning of the implementation of non-mandatory manufacturers’ instructions;

-development and compilation of reliability programmes

-performance of Airworthiness reviews;

-performance of Pre-purchase inspections;

-analysis and planning of major changes and major repairs;

-additional aviation-related services, subject to agreement

-supplemental Engineering for other CAMO Organisations including any of the above-mentioned CAMO activities as detailed in the contractual agreement

Our Part M Subpart G approval allows us to provide Continuous Airworthiness Services for the following aircraft:

-Bombardier Challenger (300/350) (BD-100-1A10)

-Bombardier Challenger 604/605 (CL-600-2B16)

-Bombardier Challenger 850 (CL-600-2B19)

-Bombardier Global Series (BD-700-1A10; BD-700-1A11)

-Learjet 35/35A/36/36A

-Learjet Model 60

-Dassault Falcon 900 Series

-Diamond Aircraft DA 40D

-Diamond Aircraft DA 20 Series

-Diamond Aircraft DA 42, DA 42M

-Beechcraft Hawker 900XP

-Cessna Aircraft 550 Series

-Textron Aviation B200Serie

-Textron Aviation Model 58/58A