Airworthiness Review

We, at AP-Aeronautical Professionals Malta Ltd (AP-Malta Ltd), are specializing in performing Airworthiness Review Certification (ARC) for both private and company/ operator owned aircraft. As per EASA regulations, aircraft types that qualify for an EASA Certificate of Airworthiness are issued with a non-expiring Certificate of Airworthiness (CofA), which is validated annually with an Airworthiness Review Certificate (ARC). This annual validation occurs when a new ARC is issued or the validity of a current ARC is extended. When managing the airworthiness of our customer`s aircraft and/ or  fleet we schedule the necessary audit, providing the competent authority with the required physical survey and document reviews and the recommendation of the certification renewal in a timely manner avoiding unnecessary and costly downtime.

A full documented review of the aircraft records is carried out by the approved Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO). In order to satisfy the requirements for the Airworthiness reviews as per EASA AMC M.A.710.

Our ARC inspections include but are not limited to the review of the following documentation:

-Registration papers

-M.A.305 aircraft continuing airworthiness record system

-M.A. 306 operator`s technical log system

-List of differed defects, minimum equipment list and configuration deviation list if applicable

-Aircraft flight manual, including aircraft configuration

-Aircraft maintenance programme

-Maintenance data

-Relevant work packages

-AD status

-Modifications and SD status

-Modification and repair approval sheets

-List of service life-limited components

-Relevant EASA form 1 or equivalent

-Mass and balance report and equipment list

-Aircraft, engine, and propeller TC Data Sheets

Together with the full document review, we perform a physical survey of the aircraft ensuring that all required markings and placards are properly installed, aircraft complies with its approved flight manual, and the aircraft configuration complies with the approved documentation including the CAT IDE of the specific aircraft. Our inspectors/surveyors certify that no evident defect can be found that has not been addressed in accordance with M.A.403 and there are no inconsistencies between the aircraft and the reviewed documentation.