Development of Maintenance Programmes (MP) & Minimum Equipment List (MEL)

MP - Maintenance Programme

 We offer development of Maintenance Programme (MP) for non-commercial operators or within the framework of supplemental engineering for our clients. In a nutshell, the Aircraft Maintenance Programme (AMP) is an approved programme for the on-schedule undertaking of all maintenance work. The AMP describes all aircraft-specific maintenance measures, complete with the intervals. The basis is the Maintenance Data (MD) provided by the manufacturer, however, the AMP will also include all the other specific inspections for the serialised aircraft.

We are using different planning tools (e.g. CAMP, AMO) in the development of the MP that allows us to create the most comprehensive Aircraft Maintenance Programme including  all relevant data specified complete with thresholds, intervals and, if applicable, tolerances. The applicable part numbers are also stated, particularly in the case of service-life-limited components.

Minimum Equipment List (MEL)

The Minimum Equipment List (MEL) is approved by the authority document required for Aircraft operators (AOC). Each MEL is compiled on the basis of the Master Minimum Equipment List (MMEL). This is a list issued by the manufacturer or the authority, stipulating which aircraft equipment constitutes the minimum that must be available for safe flight. Keeping in mind that any MEL must be tailored to the operation of the aircraft and the requirements of the authority of the country of registration, we take under consideration the special requirements like ETOPS, RVSM and other customer operation criteria when developing the Minimum Equipment List (MEL) for our customers. Since this technical document is the basis for the decision-making process for the certifying staff and/or the pilot’s prior flight or the crew in the event of a technical defect occurring during a flight, we ensure that the highest safety and professional standards are applied.