Pre-Purchase and EASA Compliance Inspection

Pre-purchase inspections AP-Malta


Purchasing an aircraft is a long and complex transaction between the two parties. Having a neutral and yet very knowledgeable third party to go through all maintenance related documentation as well as physical examination of the aircraft to ensure its airworthiness and therefore worth is paramount.  In a nutshell, the object of Pre-buy or Pre-Purchase (PPI) inspection is examining the aircraft condition for damages and deterioration that may not be easily spotted by the untrained eye.

Usually, the extent of Pre-Purchase inspection is determined by the client`s needs in combination with the complexity of the aircraft being subject to the inspection. Though it may not be as detailed and complex as an annual inspection, having a comprehensive pre-buy inspection nowadays is something that we recommend

The PPI process can be divided into paperwork examination including:

-Examining the validity of the airworthiness certificate

-Research into Airworthiness directives

-Service bulletin compliance

-Inspection of the logbook for entries suggesting repairs due to an accident or incident

-Annual inspection entry review

-Comparison of aircraft serial numbers with the one listed in the logbook

-Verification of the engine and/or propeller times since major overhaul etc.

AP-Malta Consultancy
Pre-purchase inspection
and the physical survey, inspecting the:

-Fuselage  and Empennage

-Landing Gear

-Engine and related systems


-Wings and Flight controls

-Cabin Interior and Cockpit

-Systems basic operation check

-Any other Specific emphasis on systems and/ or structures as required by the particular aircraft.

Once, our team of experienced inspectors completes the above phases, a Pre-purchase inspection report is issued.

Aircraft registration also plays a key role in the purchasing process in Europe. Whenever the aircraft is being imported onto Member State register from a third county, an EASA Compliance inspection is paramount. We, at AP-Malta, have specialized in performing EASA Compliance Inspections and issuing Recommendation for import and other relevant documentation.