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Level Ⅲ Theoretical Type Training

Following European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)`s guidelines, our B1 and/or B2 Theoretical Level Ⅲ Type Training offers detailed description, operation, component location, removal/installation and BITE and troubleshooting procedures to the aircraft type maintenance manual level.

Theoretical Level Ⅲ Type Training at AP-Malta
Theoretical Level Ⅲ Type Training at AP-Malta
Upon completion of Level Ⅲ Theoretical Type Training course, the student will be able to demonstrate:

  • Detailed theoretical knowledge of the aircraft`s applicable systems, structure, operations, maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting according to the approved maintenance data;
  • The appropriate use of manuals and approved procedures, including the knowledge of relevant inspections and limitations;
  • How to perform system, component and functional checks as specified in the maintenance manual;
  • Correlate information for the purpose of making decisions in respect of fault diagnosis and rectification to the maintenance manual level;
  • Describe procedures for replacement of components unique to the aircraft.



A closed book multiple choice examinations will be conducted throughout the course. The minimum pass mark for the exam is 75%, leading to an EASA Approved certification. Students can opt to join one of our B1 and/or B2 EASA approved Practical Element Type Training and endorse the respective aircraft type to their CAT B1 and/or B2 license.

Target Group

Target Group

EASA Part-66 CAT B1.1 and/ or B2 or other Aircraft Maintenance Technicians, Aircraft Engineers and Lead Maintenance Planners.



• EASA Part-66 Aircraft Maintenance Licence category B1/B2 or equivalent technical qualifications.
• Good command of English

Our EASA Approved Theoretical Level Ⅲ Type Training courses:

B1/ B2   Learjet inc Model 60

B1/ B2   Bombardier Challenger 604/605 (CL-600-2B16)

B1/ B2   Bombardier Global Series (Bombardier BD-700 Series) (RRD BR710)

B1/ B2   Bombardier Challenger 604 (CL-600-2B16) (GECF 34) to 850 CL600-2B19 (GECF 34)                             Differences Course

B1/ B2   Bombardier Global Series (BD-700-1A10/BD-700-1A11)

B1          Dornier 328-300 (PWC PW306)

B1          Dornier 328-100 to 300 Differences