Cessna 560XL/XLS (PWC PW545) in compliance with the ATA Specification 104, Level I

Citation 560XL General Familiarisation Type Training

AP-Malta Ltd offers a Cessna 560XL/XLS General Familiarisation type training in compliance with the ATA Specification 104 . This  course gives an overview of the airframe, systems and power plant as outlined in the Systems Description Section of the Aircraft Maintenance Manual/ Instructions for Continued Airworthiness. We do this in a practical manner, ensuring that our students gain a solid understanding of the systems and their operation.

Aircraft Type:   Cessna 560XL/XLS 

 (PWC PW545)

Duration: 4 tuition days

Exam: Closed book multiple choice examination        

Course Type: Level Ⅰ General Familiarisation Theory


Prerequisites:  A good command of English

Certificate:  Attendance Certificate


Target Group: Aircraft Maintenance Technicians, Aircraft Licensed Engineers, Engineering Professionals, Airworthiness Review Staff, Government Officials, Regulatory Authorities Inspectors, Pilots and Aircraft Operators.

Objectives: Upon completion of our Cessna 560XL/XLS General Familiarisation Course, the student will be able to:

identify safety precautions related to the airframe, its systems, and power plant;

identify maintenance practices important to the airframe, its systems, and power plant;

define the general layout of the aircraft’s major systems;

define the general layout and characteristics of the power plant;

identify special tooling and test equipment used with the aircraft.

Whether our Cessna 560XL/XLS General Familiarisation Type Training is held at our facility at Malta International Airport (MLA/LMML) or at our customers`proffered  location, we at AP-Malta aim to deliver a high-quality learning experience, enriching our students` knowledge and skills set, and preparing them for the dynamic and demanding business aviation environment.


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