Cessna 560XL/XLS Level Ⅲ Practical Element Type Training

Citation 560XL Practical Training

Apart from our Theoretical Courses, we offer an EASA approved B1 and/ or B2 Cessna 560XL/XLS Level Ⅲ Practical Element Type Training. Situated at Malta International Airport (LMML/MLA), our training facility offers  easy access to the subject of the training aircraft. Being adjacent to an EASA Part 145 MRO organisation allows us to provide  our students with the ultimate learning experience through hands-on training in a professional  and safe environment. Our Practical Element Courses can be conducted as well at third-party locations provided the MRO meets EASA and AP-Malta`s standards. 

Aircraft Type: Cessna 560XL/XLS


Duration: 5 contact days



Exam: Practical Assessment

Course Type: Level Ⅲ B1/ B2 Practical Element


Prerequisites: Completed Cessna 560XL/XLS  Level Ⅲ Theory Course & EASA Part-66 Aircraft Maintenance Licence category B1/ B2 or equivalent technical qualification


Certificate:  EASA Approved 

Target Group: EASA Part-66 CAT B1.1 and/ or B2 or other Aircraft Maintenance Technicians, Aircraft Engineers and Lead Maintenance Planners.

Objectives: Upon completion of our Cessna 560XL/XLS Level Ⅲ Practical Element Type Training, the student  will be able to:

apply the relevant safety precautions;

identify and apply aircraft technical documentation;

name, identify and locate aircraft system components;

perform normal operation of aircraft systems;

carry out the servicing and ground handling;

perform system operational tests and on-board maintenance system supported tests;

carry out routine thorough visual inspections;

describe component removal / installation procedures unique to the aircraft type;

determine aircraft airworthiness in accordance with MEL/CDL, and interpret maintenance (M) and operations (O) procedures according to the minimum equipment list (MEL) and;

correlate information for the purpose of making decisions in respect to fault diagnosis and rectification.

Level Ⅲ Practical Element Type Training

Whether our B1/B2 Cessna 560XL/XLS Level Ⅲ Practical Element Type Training is held at our facility at Malta International Airport (MLA/LMML) or at our customers`proffered  location, we at AP-Malta aim to deliver a high-quality learning experience, enriching our students` knowledge and skills set, and preparing them for the dynamic and demanding business aviation environment.


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